The Vineyard in Spring

English wine is the foundation of the wine menu at The Shed. With our connection to the family vineyard, Nutbourne Vineyards, we are producers and advocates of English wine and firm believers in the philosophy of 'what grows together, goes together.' Serving seasonal British food with English wine is the ultimate showcase of this concept - the ingredients used in creating the dish and the grapes in the wine are produced in similar (and the same in the case of our lamb) soil.

At this time of year, early spring, the winery is abuzz with activity as we sample the previous year's wines directly from the tanks to see how they are developing. At Nutbourne Vineyards, we have Pinot Noir, maturing in Oak barrels. Chardonnay is still sitting on its lees (natural sediment), and the base for our traditional method sparkling wine 'Nutty,' waiting to be bottled. The bottling process is also underway, with Nutbourne Vineyards producing 40,000 bottles each year.

If you are a keen wine drinker, and enthusiast we highly recommend visiting our Instagram and clicking through to our Instagram TV. There you can watch the first few episodes of our series with Richard tasting wines, beginning with Nutbourne Vineyards.

This summer, people will have the chance to visit the vineyard and make a day of it! With picnics, vineyard tours, and tastings available, it is certainly worth the trip. We will also be releasing tickets for this years' Pop up in the Vines events. For more information on the vineyard and their events, please visit their website by clicking here.