Spring Lamb

Milk-fed spring lamb is a well-known delicacy, but we don't produce it on our West Sussex farm. Nor do we serve spring lamb in that sense at any of our restaurants. Instead, we let our lambs grow to a decent size rather than rush them to the abattoir when they are barely big enough to furnish a single portion. This is our way of farming, which we believe produces better meat and in the kitchen meets a far less wasteful practice.

Our lambs spend up to twelve months on the meadow, growing naturally and developing flavour - a free-range and sustainable method that supports 'slow farming'.

Lambing starts toward the end of March. Sheep are generally quite capable of giving birth on their own, but this doesn't mean it isn't a taxing time for a farmer!

Keeping a constant eye on the ewes and experiencing the highs and lows of triumphs and losses as is natural in the process.